Bingo Lives On

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Bingo lives on – The game that we all know as the most historic game of all games. Having come to light in the 16th Century the game of Bingo went from Italy to France and was known as “Le Lotto” among Aristocracy. It was only in the 18th Century that this game ventured into Britain where it has remained through highs and lows.

Its popularity is unquestionable and has become quintessentially British. According to reposts there are some 400 Bingo Halls in the UK alone which has also been the talk of the town right up to George Osborne’s, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, recent Budget.

The simplicity of the game draws in hundreds of players both Online and in Land Based Bingo Halls. To take you through this game, all you need is a Drum/Bowl, individual numbers running from 1 up to 90, a card that has 15 random numbers displayed and a caller. The most common games within the Land Based Bingo Halls vary from Bingo Hall to Bingo Hall, but mostly your first move would be a line win – this means that you have all 5 numbers displayed on one line – thereafter you have a full house, which means that all your numbers on your Card are called giving you a “Bingo”. The second type of game played in a land based bingo hall would be to have all four corners, and the third would be diagonal across your card or board

The key factor to bingo’s popularity and success is the role of the caller who not only reads out the numbers but keeps the audience entertained. In Online Bingo, although the game is much the same other than you also have bingo games that are patterns, your Chat Host is most important in that they need to keep the players entertained, this they do by running Chat Games while the Bingo Game is in progress. This they do in all kinds of ways – at the end of each game the winner of that chat games then received BB’s which is a bonus that can be accumulated and used to buy more game cards.