Electronic Devices

On Wedensday the 16th, lottery officials in Austin Texas once again delayed matters regarding the proposal to allow bingo halls within the state to use electronic devices. These devices are similar to those of slots machines, and the concern is that in accepting these devices into the bingo halls, they would then also be opening and paving the way to expanding gambling.

These devices are to be used so as to video confirm paper pull-tab tickets, much the same as those used for lottery scratch-off-tickets to see which ones are winners.

Currently bingo halls generate funds for Texas charities, and supporters believe that video confirmation could in their estimation generate more money for these charities, but those opposing these devices believe that these machines will look and act much like a slot machine, and hence bring casino style gambling to Texas.

Stephen Fenoglia, an attorney for Texas charities that benefit from bingo is said to be disappointed with this delay, and that assertions that video confirmation would expand gambling are “false.” and that “This isn’t any sort of slot machine or electronic gaming. … It’s merely a confirmation of a pull-tab ticket.”