Love of Poker

Love of Poker

Oh for the Love of Poker in more ways than one – on the one side you have the love for each other that came together at PokerStars and on the reverse side you have the love of the game that brought financial gain to an amazing person

Randy Lew and Celina Lin who have been dating since 2016, decided to tie the knot and are happily exploring venues for the big day after dating each other since 2016 when they met at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour

It is believed that Lew who resides in what he calls his home town “California” did not just flop t his knees and propose. Instead he came up with a plan to get Lin working for the “Ring” by following a series of clues which led her to the couples favourite beach. There she found the final clue that got her digging – one the little box was retrieved the BIG question was revealed “Will you Marry Me” – Watch this space on these two lovebirds

Onto our next PokerStars favourite – Chris Moneymaker who has been PokerStars “Mascot” as it were for some 15 years now after having been sponsored by them when he won the 2003 WSOP Main event

This has been a very long and steady partnership and both parties have stuck to each other like glue through the thick and thin that has gone before us all in the Poker Industry

Following a decade and a half in the business, Moneymaker continues to be content with his lot, and says that he looks forward to representing the site (PokerStars) which made it all possible for him for many years to come. As he subsequently explains: “I don’t like risk, and I’ve nothing left to prove. I work with PokeStars

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