Blackjack comes to Gibraltar

Although many people may find the British enclave of Gibraltar more synonymous with relaxing holidays, Mediterranean sunshine, and a tranquil way of life, it seems that all is set to change with the arrival of the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament in November.

Double Down

On 15 November four top blackjack players will be flown to an exclusive venue where they will go head-to-head to win some serious cash prizes in this challenging and respected card game. But this competition features a twist in that it allows gamers from a variety of locations to compete in the qualifying rounds via a special online tournament that could see just about anybody end up at the grand final gaming table.

The competition is hosted by LadyLucks who use their online gaming site to offer players the chance to take part in four separate week-long qualifying rounds. Each week will produce a winner who will not only receive the acclaim of having their winning name featured on the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament leaderboard, but will also be treated to a luxurious trip to the European gaming hotspot.

There have already been two weeks’ worth of qualifying underway, and the leaderboard is already showing good results from the likes of Steven C and Flexer looking to take on week one’s winner Richard C. who has already claimed an impressive £1,311 in winnings.

However, such blackjack takings will pale in comparison to the cash prizes offered by the blackjack grand final that will feature a minimum £5,000 for the winner out of a £10,000 guaranteed prize pool. And with even the last-placed player of the grand final set to win a respectable £1,000, it looks to be a top-class blackjack tournament.

To further aid the players’ gaming experience, the organisers will treat them to a VIP tour of the sights of Gibraltar along with all-expenses-paid flights and transfers, as well as drinking and dining options. Apart from the prestigious blackjack tournament, the five star hotel also features an array of deluxe attractions such as exclusive spa packages and a fully-equipped fitness room.

With just two weeks of qualifying remaining, the competition is expected to become much more ferocious amongst the online gamers. And with LadyLucks providing a special option for players to re-buy their way into the tournament for just £250, it will undoubtedly reach a compelling climax when the grand final takes place on 15 November in Gibraltar.