The biggest and best casinos the world has to offer

If you’re already a big fan of the most fun game there is anywhere – namely bingo – and you enjoy playing online, the chances are that you’ve also dabbled in the odd online casino here and there.

Like some of the bets bingo sites, the online casinos are getting ever more realistic. Of course, some of them are “real” in the sense that they go the extra miles of having real croupiers etc., and live play – particularly in poker tournaments. But in many ways the ones that are the most fun are those which take virtual reality to a higher level, with great sound effects and graphics, in particular.

But whilst playing online may be great – it’s also a lot of fun to go and visit some of the biggest and best casinos the world has to offer if you ever get the chances. Now, the online casino and bingo operator BGO has taken a look a five of the world’s most impressive casinos – you can click here to see the list.

Included in this shortlist are some amazing edifices to gambling. Interestingly, the list reflects how the wider world is changing, to some extent, in that three of the top five places are taken by casinos in Macau – because gambling is still largely illegal in mainland China, of course. There’s also room for an enormous casino from South Africa and one from Connecticut on the list of five. The latter, the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut, is actually a conglomeration of six different casinos, all gathered together over 340,000 square feet. It began its life as recently as 1986 as a bingo hall. Six years later, the Foxwoods resort began to grow quickly into a true resort. Today it’s simply enormous with five individual hotels, numerous different restaurants and a suite of other entertainments.

But even this pales in comparison to what Macau’s finest casinos can boast. Here, for example, the Venetian Macao casino and hotel resort set on the coast, takes Venice as its theme. It probably looks a little like what Venice would be if it were re-built today. You simply won’t believe the sheer scale and style unless you visit the place – as looking at photographs and videos online just don’t do it justice; seeing is believing.

The whole place covers 546,000 square feet with four differently themed enormous gaming rooms – along with over 3,000 hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, shops, entertainments, gyms and all the rest of it. This place is big enough to live in forever more without leaving the complex and you’d probably still never see it all. The only problem is that you’d have to keep winning every day to finance your lifestyle! But it could most certainly be a luxurious one.

The gambling world is changing by the day – both online and in real physical situations. It seems our appetite for a punt simply knows no bounds.