Bingo – Anywhere and Anytime

Sunday 23rd saw the hosting of a Bingo meeting at the St. James Catholic Church at 505 Woodcrest Ave., Lititz which is great news for those that live in Lititz, but what about all of us who live in every corner of the world besides Lititz but love the game of bingo?

Well for us we are definitely not restricted to one game at one address. We have a host of online bingo halls at the tip of our fingers, and at any point of day or night, we can hop onto our tab, our iPhone, Smartphone, laptop or desktop and log into our favourite online bingo hall and play as many games as either our bank roll or time allows.

No travelling, no parking, no getting dressed, nothing – just the access to a device that can be connected to the internet is all that is standing between you, bingo and all that lovely prize money.