Girls with Guns: Games

Girls with Guns games have taken over the entertainment industry. The world of entertainment is under siege from the ‘Girls with Guns’ craze. There is a large amount of media that is pushing images and stories of macho women. From commercial adverts to big name games the amount of media with ass-kicking chicks is just overwhelming.

Games based on the broad concept of Girls with Guns are no longer in short supply on the market. This is not only limited to Social games. Real money online casino game developers are also among those that have utilized the theme. There are so many people worldwide that are enjoying playing real casino games based on the Girls with Games. Such games do not only offer the fun gaming but also give very generous payouts as prizes.

The latest games that are being released are compatible with many platforms. This means that you can enjoy Girls with Guns themed games regardless of what they are using to play. Top game creators including Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are now making games that can be played by people that use their competitor’s consoles. And for lovers of mobile gaming, there is no need to panic. There are also a lot of games based on the theme. Gaming has really come alive in the 21st century due to technology advancements. Soon VR gaming will be as common as mobile gaming.

Other Areas that Girls with Guns have taken over

Besides the gaming sector, the Girls with Guns theme has made huge strides in the movie industry. There are now a lot of films in which the leading character is a strong woman. Wonder Woman is one of the top characters that has captivated audiences from all over the world. Although technically speaking the comic character rarely uses guns to fight her battles. Later on, in the year, we will get a chance to see 8 of cinema’s leading ladies commandeer Ocean’s Eight: The Movie, to box office success.