Free Money Bingo and its Advantages

Free Money Bingo versus Real Money Bingo

There are many advantages to playing free money bingo. In fact most online bingo players start out using the free money offers before they find a bingo site they really like and make a real money deposit. Some players don’t ever make real money deposits and just keep signing up to new online bingo halls and taking advantage of the free money offers. Free money bingo offers are all over the place at the moment and actually do have many advantages.

The first and probably most obvious advantage of free money bingo is that it is free. You don’t have to spend any of your own money and you still get to enjoy a game of online bingo. However, if you only ever play bingo with free money then you will never feel the true excitement of the game and the rush you get when you win!

When using free bingo money everything you win is 100 percent profit. You have not had to spend any of your own money so when you do win your profit is always 100 percent. Free money can pose problems where winnings are concerned. Many bingo site will want you to meet wagering requirements before they let you withdraw money you have won using free money. By the time you have met the wagering requirements often you will have lost all of your winnings.

One of the main advantages of free money bingo has to be the fact that you can try out an online bingo room for free before deciding if you want to deposit or not. If you are thinking of joining a new online bingo hall then why not use the free money to test out the software and see if you like it before you go ahead and deposit. If you like the site then by all means make a deposit and play some bingo but if you don’t just move onto the next site and try that one out.

Free money bingo is great, but to be honest you will never enjoy bingo as much as you would if you made a real money deposit. The excitement of playing bingo when your own money is on the line is much greater than when you’re using free money. Plus, when using free money, you are normally restricted in which games you can play. Some bingo sites won’t even let free money players use the chat box! Overall you are much better off making a real money deposit.