Bingo Etiquette

Bingo Etiquette or customary manners in Bingo.

Like with all games it is good to be courteous and fair to fellow players playing bingo. Bingo etiquette serves to regulate players’ actions towards each other. As much as it is a gamble, fairness and being of good behavior is required of all players. The following are some of the mannerisms that you could adopt so as to ensure a smooth playing of the bingo game.

Pipe down. This is one of the most important of bingo rules. It requires all players to pipe down as soon as the caller gets down to business.

Don’t be a parrot. A parrot is described as that person who repeats all the numbers the caller calls out. Whereas you may think that by repeating you are helping someone who did not hear, this habit is very annoying. It is not only irritating but you could also prevent other players from hearing the next numbers being called out.

Be on the look out for lucky seats. Some players are very superstitious and believe their luck is in sitting in a particular chair or sitting position. If you happen to sit in someone’s lucky chair and he requests you to move, be courteous enough to get another seat without putting up a fight.

Don’t take your frustrations out on the caller. Some players have the habit of blaming the caller when they realize that they are on a losing streak. If the caller is too fast kindly ask them to slow down. Do not shout at the caller or make derogative remarks about the caller.

Not everybody who goes to a social hall is a smoker. If you feel the urge to puff therefore, it is courteous to go to the designated smoking zone.

Do not make false bingo calls. As much ass you may be rushing to be the first to call out bingo, it is good to confirm first. Making false bingo calls may disrupt the game and the other players will not be pleased with you. In some halls you may even be thrown out.

The above are some of the etiquette requirements for playing bingo. If you adhere to these you are bound to enjoy your game.