Charms of No Deposit Bingo

The easy charms of no deposit bingo: a perfect introduction for newcomers

No deposit bingo is a feature of the modern online game which allows seasoned players to take a bit of a break from high stakes play without leaving the action altogether, and allows newcomers to sample the ample charms of the game, totally risk free. When it comes to the popular and established sites like Costa Bingo you will actually find several different types of no deposit bingo, which provide an introduction to both 75 Ball and 90 ball bingo.

75 Ball bingo was invented in the US, and is the staple of American and Canadian players.  75 Ball bingo is played on cards set out in a 5 x 5 square grid. Every square, except the one right in the middle, has a randomly selected number. As the name suggests, there are 75 possible numbers that can appear on the grid, and these are split up between each of the five vertical columns.  So the five squares in column one can contain numbers between 1 and 15, column 2 can have 16 to 30, and so on. Above each of the five vertical columns are the letters that spell out ‘B-I-N-G-O’.  The bingo caller uses these letters when announcing the numbers drawn, for example: “B2”, or “N41”.

As numbers are called, and marked off on the players cards, patterns will start to emerge on the grid. The aim of the game in 75 Ball bingo is to match the pattern on one of your cards to the pattern displayed to all players at the start of the game, on grid of the same format as the bingo cards – this is why 75 ball bingo is also known as pattern bingo.

The biggest jackpots in 75 ball bingo tend to come with a ‘coverall’ pattern, which as you might imagine requires all of the squares on the card to be called for the player to get the right to shout: “Bingo!”.

90 ball bingo is the UK version of the game, and is played on 9 X 3 grid.  Five squares on each of the three horizontal lines will contain numbers, with the other squares blanked out.  The possible numbers that can appear in each of the nine vertical columns are split as you might expect, with column one containing numbers between 1 and 10, column 2 between 11 and 20 – with the last column containing numbers between 81 and 90.  However, it is what happens along each horizontal row that counts in 90 Ball bingo.

Prizes in 90 ball bingo are given for marking off both one row, and two rows, with the top prize – the famous “Full House” – being, as I’m sure you have already guessed, a card that has been fully marked off.

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