Finding the Right Bingo Website

How do you go about finding the right bingo website?

Online bingo has been one of the most unexpected internet phenomena. Whilst few people were surprised by the success of casinos, betting shops and poker tables, not many experts predicted that one of the biggest games in the world would be good, old-fashioned, bingo.

Of course, there’s not too much old-fashioned about the bingo that we find online nowadays. Game engines are sophisticated, online communities are well-developed and (on the whole) friendly, and the prizes that are on offer far outstrip anything that would have been seen in bingo halls up and down the country.

With so many sites competing for your attention, however, how do you choose a good one?

What to look out for when finding the right bingo website?

First of all, if you are interested in eventually playing for money, you should pick a site where you can “try before you buy”. No deposit bingo sites like Costa Bingo are great because you can play games without having to put any money in, thus getting used to the game engine, and the social side of the site.

Before you deposit any money at all, make sure that the site has all the correct certifications. Ideally it would be registered somewhere in Europe, Gibraltar, Malta and the Channel Islands are popular options. Another good sign is some sort of mention of Gamble Aware on the front page of the site. This is a general rule of thumb because it demonstrates that the company in question actually has an interest in the well being of the players – if they don’t, they’re probably only out to take your money.

Another thing worth looking at – particularly if you’re keen on playing for money – is how many games you can have open at any one time. This will depend a lot on the site, and on the strength of your computer, and the only way to find out is to give it a go.

Next, you should check out reviews online. There’s a huge community built around online bingo and online casinos, including watchdogs, awards and reviews, and unless you’re extremely unlucky, the odds are that someone else will have had a bad experience with a site before you do, so they’re worth checking out.

The most important criteria, though, and one that’s almost impossible to quantify is simply how much you enjoy the experience. Some sites are just better than others, and it’s a very subjective thing. Most of all, online bingo has grown because it’s fun, so the right site for you is one where you enjoy playing.

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