Mobile Gambling on the Rise

Over the past three or four years we have seen consistent growth in the mobile casino sector.  As this trend has continued in the way that it has been heading, all of the various gambling operators have launched casino platforms optimised for use on mobile devices and tablet computers.  There have been a number of recent studies which indicate that the use of smartphones is feulling the growth in mobile gambling.  It has been estimated that the mobile gambling market will reach €5.4 billion by 2015, which represents a growth rate of around 19%.

A lot of the smartphone gambling use has been down to sports betting, but year on year, the proportion of mobile casino apps in use has continued to increase.  These new apps are compatible with nearly all smartphones and tablets and an increasing percentage of the population now owns smart phones.  As this continues, the mobile casino can only go from strength to strength.

As traditional business theory goes, as the demand for mobile casino games has increased, the supply has at a near simultaneous rate.  As more and more people have switch from placing bets from their desktop computers or laptops and started doing the same thing but from the comfort and convenience of their handheld device.  Nearly all of the existing online gambling providers have launched an application which their players can access from their phones.  As well as these major gambling brands, there has also been the introduction of a number of newer, mobile-only casinos added to the mobile space. These mobile-only casinos are already experiencing success in the industry and things are only going to bet better.  As wireless Internet speeds and smartphone technology continue to improve, the player experience on mobile devices is only going to improve further.