U.K. Online Casinos

The United Kingdom is made up of a rich cultural tapestry. In the 20th century, gambling, specifically in London became synonymous with the likes of the Kray Twins. In the 1950’s, the Kray Twins owned part of Esmerelda’s Barn, a popular U.K. Casino in the exclusive and rich area of Knightsbridge.

After gambling was legalised in the early 1960’s, the Clermont Club was the first casino to be granted a license. The history of gambling, across the entire world, not simply within the United Kingdom has always been a controversial issue in that was predominately associated with the likes of the Mafia and/or underground activities which were viewed as illegal.

The Betting and Gambling Act of 1961 made gambling a legal activity in Britain, and understandably the result of this legislation was an incredible upsurge of new gambling establishments. In fact casinos were initially opening at a rate of hundreds every week, hoping to seek a profit in this newly lucrative ‘legal’ business that was gambling.

The history of online gambling which is a billion dollar a day enterprise started around the 90s, when the first online casino was launched onto the Internet. This was only accomplished due to changes in legislation in different countries around the world This legislation provided for legal licensing of internet gambling.

In the early stages of Internet Casinos or Online Casinos as we know them today, there was very little choice of games, and these games also lacked the interactive side of gambling. Within a period of about two years, online gaming software improved and has to a point now where not only is one offered a full house of casino games, but the games produced are realistic to a point of clear animation and sound effects. From a players point in playing at any online casino this is pretty simple. All one needs at hand is an Internet connection which can be saved as your homepage when connecting, a registered account at your favourite casino as well as an accepted Banking account, and of course you need nothing more than a small bankroll which together with some of the most awesome bonuses offered, you can be in for many hours of entertainment.

One of the biggest impact innovations was online poker. This has become one of the biggest all time Online Gambling features today with Live Internet Dealers and Tournaments where people from all walks of life and Countries World wide come together and participate in tournaments.

The United Kingdom boasts the most Online Bingo Halls today, the features like live chat with other online players, promotional offers and a host of different games together with the improved customer service support are some of the many reasons that millions of players around the world regularly enjoy a little online activity today.