Online Poker Guide

Our Online Poker Guide will give you some insight into playing online poker. The game of online poker has certain similarities to online bingo. Whereas online casino games generally only involve a one way interaction with software, online poker and online bingo are all about the person to person interaction. In addition, an online casino offers games where you play against the casino itself. The income earned in Online Gambling at any of the recommended online casinos is based on what you lose. With online poker and online bingo though, your contribution into the pot (be it the specific bingo game or poker hand) is what you play for and the bingo hall or poker room charges a commission to provide software, support, and even learning.

We have put a small and REALLY basic poker school on the site to help a beginner. You will find links on the left hand navigation to assist. We have also added a poker hands rankings chart so that you can be familiar with the strong and the weak hands. Our favorite online poker room is Wild Jack Online Poker, which is part of the Prima Poker Network. Being part of a network of course means a lot of players and this in turn means that you should find a game to suit you, be it a low stakes beginner game or a no limit game where the pro’s are active.

Here are our recommended online poker rooms

Wild Jack Online Poker Room

BoDog Poker Room