Politicians Gamble as well

You may not be surprised to know politicians gamble as well, since politicians are humans as well, right? They also have their hobbies and addictions. They can even be better at it than any other gambler. Why? Because they master many advantageous qualities in gambling, such as patience, strategic thinking, the ability to read opponent’s’ mind and make strong judgements.

Below, we are presenting you a few interesting facts about politicians who love to gamble. You can find even more amazing facts on celebrities and their gambling addictions in the infographic compiled by experts from Casino Sites.

• US President Richard Nixon supplemented House of Representatives seat in 1946 by his poker winnings.
• US Navy Vice Admiral Giardina was fired from nuclear post for using fake poker chips at an Iowa casino in 2013.
• Senator Judd Gregg won $800,000 in the lottery in 2008.
• Nora Al-Daher wife of Omani Foreign Minister, Al-Busaidi blew £2 million in one night in 2014 at the Ritz’ exclusive member casino of London. She then claimed that the casino ‘took
advantage’ of her gambling addiction and sued the casino.
• France’s foreign minister’s son faces arrest in America for spending $3.5 million on gambling in Las Vegas casinos.
• John McCain, US Senator gambles a few thousand dollars at a time once a month in Las Vegas on weekends.
• Queen Elizabeth II loved sports betting, roulette and slot machines.

Interesting, isn’t it? To read about gambling habits of such politicians who are major historical personas, is both fun and odd. In the end, they are politicians, whom we expect, most of the time, to be smart enough not to get involved in gambling. But, again, they are humans as well. They have their own ways to relax and have a little fun. So, why judge, right?