Private Island Resort & Online Casino

Native Gaming to Launch Private Island Resort & Online Casino

Native is the new website to be launched by Native Gaming. Native Gaming has said that the new website combines a live casino, a casino, sports betting, eSports, as well as idle games. The company says that the site comes with gamification, and a complete financial ecosystem, too.

Not only that but also, Native Gaming, one of the best online casinos in America, says that they are planning to create a land-based casino. Also on their plans is a resort to be built on a private island that is located in the Caribbean. The plan to integrate the land-based casinos with the online platform. They say that this will give their customers a great gaming experience.

Native Gaming is more Than Just an Online Casino

Native gaming hopes that the company will earn some passive income from Gross Gaming Revenue, simply by leveraging the gaming business models with its stakeholders.

Proprietary systems are combined with the Bet Construct platform. As a result, online the company’s players will be treated to over 5,000 casino games, as well as over 40,000 sporting events per month, which players can bet on. This system proves to be quite a great innovation that sets itself apart as it really does not matter if you are playing at the casino or staying at the private island resort.

According to New Zealand casinos, Native Gaming has said that decentralizing the ownership in the casino will actually transfer the gross revenue directly to the community. Therefore, the company can reshape the passive income investment landscape. They further on said that they would get more passive income form gross gaming revenue than they would ever get from other investments like dividend stocks, rental properties, or masternode coins.

Native Gaming also said that its platform leverages the transparency, and the security, of blockchain tech. This is done so that they can provide an equal opportunity to everyone.